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I can't remember a time in my childhood that I didn't have my nose stuck in a book, although I didn't have a grasp of the differences in genres (book to me were either fiction or non-fiction) I tended to gravitate and especially love books with magic, adventures, and preferably dragons. In retrospect, these books were the foundation of a love of fantasy that made me the ring-bearing, wand-wielding, dragon-riding nerd I am today.

The problem with diving into fantasy, and a factor that can intimidate curious first-timers and veteran readers alike is the sheet volume of series, spinoffs, novellas and side works that a single universe or author can have. Where do I start? In what order do I read them them? Will I miss out on important information if I don't read the e-novel prequel?

I've decided to tackle my giant, convoluted fantasy TBR pile like I approach any task: with a list. My goal is to read an entire fantasy series each year in publication order starting with Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Universe.

Brandon Sanderson is an incredibly prolific American fantasy author mostly known for his Mistborn series and for finishing Robert Jordan's classic Wheel of Time series after the author's death. Typically publishing 1 or 2 books per year since the debut of his first novel Elantris in 2005, Sanderson's growing oeuvre includes children's and YA books as well as his fantasy books but for me his most intriguing project is the Cosmere.

Broadly speaking, the Cosmere is Sanderson's fictional universe in which many of his standalone novels and series are set. Each series and novel can be read independently without missing out on anything but reading the books together reveals some crossover characters, a common mythology to all the books and some fun Easter eggs for the diligent reader.

#YearofCosmere was originally created as a 2015 booktube read-a-long by the wonderful Sanaa of InkBonesBooks (one of my favorite booktube channels!) to tackle all of the Cosmere books in a year. Each book in the Universe is accompanied by a thoughtful warp-up by a different booktuber. I have appropriated her great idea and decided to follow suit albeit two years late. My plan is to read each book in the Cosmere (2 more are scheduled for publication in 2017!) in publication order and review them (list is below). I will also include Sanaa's Original video and the youtube wrap-ups for each book.

TitlePublication YearSeries
Elantris2005Elantris #1
The Hope of Elantris2006Elantris #1.5
Mistborn: The Final Empire2006Mistborn (Era1) #1
The Well of Asencion 2007Mistborn (Era1) #2
The Hero of Ages2008Mistborn (Era1) #3
The Way of Kings2010Stormlight Archives #1
The Alloy of Law2011Mistborn (Era2) #1
The Emperor's Soul 2012Short work
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell2013Dangerous Women Anthology
Words of Radience2014Stormlight Archives #2
Sixth of the Dusk2014Shadows Beneath Anthology
Shadows of Self2015Mistborn (Era2) #2
The Bands of Mourning2016Mistborn (Era2) #3
Mistborn: Secret History2016Mistborn (Era1) #3.5
White Sand Vol 12016White sand #1
Arcanum Unbounded2016Anthology
Edgedancer2016The Stormlight Archive #2.5
Oathbringer2017The Stormlight Archive #3
White Sand Vol 22017White sand #2

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