Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Years READ-solutions: 2017 Reading Goals!

2016 was the year of getting settled in New York and attempting to adult. Now that I know my uptown from downtown and my co-payments from my deductibles, it's time to go bigger and better!

As I mentioned in my 2016 Wrap up, this was my first year without assigned readings or classes to restrict my reading, so I basically I just read voraciously without rhyme or reason or planning apart from setting my Goodreads challenge to 50 books to make up for lost time.

This year I want to be more guided and thoughtful as to the goals and reading activities that I set for myself. This includes both personal reading challenges and bookish social media activities. This was the first year that I consistently used Goodreads to track what I was reading, and the ability to look back on my yearly reading record was super rewarding to a data-nerd like me.  So I've come up with a couple of READ-solutions to guide my 2017 reading and they are:


52 Book Goodreads Challenge


Back to the Classics: 2017

Bookish Social Media/Community

Be consistent with blog and Instagram posts.

Attend 3 big literary events this year and blog about them

Get involved in a bookish volunteer opportunity

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