Book Review Scale

Rating Scale

I will be occasionally posting book reviews along with my other bookish musings, so I wanted to give you a little insight into how I generally rate books. This applies to how I rate books on Goodreads as well.

1 Star - Horrible, the literary equivalent of a day when your morning train was delayed for 45 minutes underground.

2 Stars - Disappointing, like when your favorite coffee-place was out of cold-brew coffee.

3 Stars - Satisfying, like a Dunkin Donuts coffee, not the more life changing thing I’ve ever consumed, but it gets the job done.

4 Stars - Great! Reading this book makes me happy enough to no longer feel like pushing that one annoying couple onto the train tracks.

5 Stars-This is the book that you write home about, the one you rave about to your friends. The one that gives you all the feels. It makes you miss your train stations because you were so engrossed in the story.

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