Reading Challenges

I both love and hate reading challenges. I love them because they can be so rewarding; that feeling when you check of all items on your list or when a challenge pushes your limits in creative ways you didn't anticipate is one of the best feelings as a reader.

At the same time I am very much a mood-reader and as such I have a hard time sticking to a predetermined list of books for a long time. I've definitely tried and found my attention diverting to other books I preferred to read instead at that time instead of making headway into my challenge.

In the spirit of having-my-cake-and-eating-it-too I've decided to try a new approach: I will take on some reading challenges but not set a predetermined end date. This way I can both complete the challenges and leave room for other books too.

The two long term reading challenges I would like to keep track of are:

Book Riots's 100 Must-Read New York City Novels

This IS a NYC book blog after all! I am a big sucker for novels set in the big apple and participating in this challenge will be a great way to immerse myself in and bring you more NYC related content. I will not be limiting myself to NYC books on this list of course, as this is predominantly lit-fic and I would love to include books from other genres too. For a complete list of NYC books I've read click here.

The Agatha Christie Canon

This is a long term project I've wanted to do partially inspired by the amazing blog The Year of Agatha. I LOVE me an Agatha Christie novel and read many of her works already but with so many good ones out there I want to make sure I don't miss any!

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