Introducing #NYCbookstores

So it turns out that NYC has bookstores... a lot of bookstores. And while Barnes & Nobles is always an option (The one on Union Square is HUGE) there are also a ton of smaller independent bookstores to check out.

I have a soft spot for indie bookstores.There is something friendly and homey about indies. The people who run and work in indies are some of the friendliest folk around. They're always ready with a recommendation or a review. Somehow, giving my money to a fellow booklover feels better than to a giant corporation so...

Armed with determination, the internet and my unlimited Metrocard I have decided to go to and document the indie bookstores of NYC, not all of them, that would be impossible, but certainly a lot of them, or as many as I can. I hope that this will help fellow book lovers in NYC find and support some hidden treasures around the city.

If you guys want to join in and share your pics or experiences with books around NYC please comment below or use the hashtag #nycbookstores on twitter or instagram!

You can also find my past #nycbookstore posts on instagram on @nycbookowl   

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