Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017: Back to the Classics Challenge

I am so excited to try my hand at the 2017: Back to the Classics Challenge! This 2017 reading challenge created and hosted by the lovely Karen at Karen's Books and Chocolate, is designed to get you reading more classics! This is something I've been wanting to add back into my reading life after college, so now here's my chance!

Enjoying a books and Greek coffee in Astoria

The challenge is to read 12 classics following certain criteria in 2017, people who complete part or all of the challenge are entered into a raffle for a prize! I definitely recommend taking a look at her challenge rules which are more detailed if you are interested in participating along (in the link above) or just check out her blog which has great classics reviews and recommendations!

Without further ado, here is my TBR for each of the challenges!
Let me know what you think? Have you read any on the list before?

I will be writing non-spoiler reviews of each book which I will link below as I finish each one. Reviews will include fun 'bonus' materials for each book so definitely check them out!

1.  A 19th Century Classic 
Huckleberry Finn
2.  A 20th Century Classic 

The House of Mirth
3.  A classic by a woman author

Pride and Prejudice
4.  A classic in translation.

Arabian Nights
5.  A classic published before 1800

The Aeneid
An romance classic.

Jane Eyre
7.  A Gothic or horror classic. 
8.  A classic with a number in the title.

20,000 Leagues under the Sea
9.  A classic about an animal or which includes the name of an animal in the title.  

The Wind in the Willows
10. A classic set in a place you'd like to visit.
11. An award-winning classic.

Gone With the Wind (Pulitzer Prize)
12. A Russian Classic.  
Anna Karenina


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