Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Try the Penguin Book Recommendation Hotline!

So the (Judeo-Christian) holiday season is around the corner and many us are scrambling to find the right book for our loved-ones. Fear no more! The Penguin Hotline is here.

Yes, that's right, Penguin Random House, one of the big 5 publishers has set up a hotline form to help you find the right book for that special someone. You input their interests and voila! A few days later you get personalized recommendations in your inbox!

Out of curiosity, I requested a recommendation for a friend to see how accurate (i.e. if they would like the suggestions offered) the hotline would be, I'm still waiting on the results but if you would like to try the hotline for yourself or for a friend you can try it out here:

Happy Holidays!

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