Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bring a Bookstore to the Bronx!

In 2016 Barnes and Nobles closed their last location in the Bronx leaving a thriving and vibrant yet often stigmatized borough of 1.4 million people, 10 colleges and 42.7 square miles with no bookstore. (Manhattan, on the other hand has over 80 bookstores). Noelle Santos, Bronx native is looking to change that by opening up the Bronx's only indie Store called the Lit Bar which will be a wine bar/bookstore.

There are so many parts to this story that I absolutely love. The grassroots effort to benefit a community lead by it's people. The out pour of support for this project lead by a fierce Afro-Latina bookworm and the combination of wine and books (YAS!). I don't think I've hear of a campaign more up my ally. Noelle is currently crowd sourcing for funds to make this much-needed dream a reality.
I will proudly contribute what I can to this project and encourage you to donate as well if you can! I would also encourage you to share the link to the IndieGoGo campaign or just spread the word about Noelle's amazing project on social media!

You can find out more about the Lit Bar here and you can contribute to the fundraising campaign (and get lots of cool perks and prizes!) as well.

Let's bring a bookstore to the Bronx!

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