Monday, February 13, 2017

5 Tips for a Bookish NYC Snow Day

In the latest installment of what-will-the-weather-be-in-24-hours here in NYC we had a Snow Day last Thursday! Well, more like a Snow dump/blizzard. It takes a lot of snow to bring NYC to a halt, but Thursday saw the ones who were lucky enough to have the day off work snuggled up in our apartments. Snow days are the perfect days to hygge it up and catch up on some reading. There is definitely an art to getting the most out of your bookish snow day. Here are some tips for the next time a blizzard freezes the big apple!

1. Prepare

Normally, the city will issue a severe weather warning 24 hours in advance, which means you have 24 hours to get everything ready. Stock up on food and toilet paper, take out the trash. Do everything that you have to do to ensure you don't have to leave your apartment the following day.

The important thing is to have food. Some restaurants are open and will deliver some hell or high water, but you don't want to be the jerk who makes the delivery person wade through a waist high wall of snow. And if you are you'd better be prepared to give an enormous tip or a six-gun salute. 

2. Arrange the essentials. 

Hot drink? blankets? Heater? Comfy Pajamas? Window to watch snowfall? Candles? Food? Pile of books? (or netflix show? I won't judge you). Find a comfy corner to nest in whether its the couch, a comfy armchair or a corner of the bed and make sure the aforementioned hot drink and pile of books is within arms' reach.

3. Minimize distractions

Turn off your phone (or mute it). Turn off the TV. You can't do much about your upstairs neighbors or your roommates but you can invite them to join your bookish snow day, or lock the door, whichever is more relaxing.

4. Pick a book you can get lost in.

Pick the book you keep putting off but you've been meaning to read for forever either because its too bulky to carry on the subway or  because you feel like you don't have time to sit down and enjoy. You have a whole day of reading ahead of you so get to it! Deliciously detailed historical fiction novels or chilling thrillers are my favorites for snow days.

5. Enjoy!

Snow days are a pause in the hectic rhythm of city life. New Yorkers are always on the go, so a day to sit down and get cozy with a book is a rare opportunity. Enjoy it! You're snowed in anyways!

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