Saturday, October 29, 2016

Book of the Month Subscription!

When the internet meets the bookish community interesting things happen. One of those things are a wide variety of book related online content and subscription services. I've decided to try one out and review it for you! I am so excited to say that I will be subscribing to and trying out the Book of the Month subscription service of three months!

Book of the Month is an online subscription service that offers you a choice of 5 new release hard-cover books that have been curated by a panel of literary figures each month. You can choose one book for around $10.00 (depending on the length of your subscription plan) and you can add additional books for $9.99 each. You also have the option of skipping a month and keeping the credit for another month if none of the titles appeal to you. Essentially this offers, new hard-cover releases at much lower prices than full-retail price.

I have chosen the 3 month subscription book without sponsorship or prompting by Book of the Month and have undertaking this with my own funds and out of my own curiosity.

I will provide updates when I choose and receive my first box in November but here are some preliminary thoughts before I embark on this bookish adventure!


Access. Although I recognize the trade-off between large internet providers *cough* Amazon *cough* and I tend to lean towards good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores, I also recognize that I am quite privileged to live in NYC where these are readily available. This service could provide access to new-releases at great prices to people who do not have access to physical book store and allows an alternative to Amazon as an online book retailer.

Prices. Anyone who has every bought a new hardcover release know that it costs an arm and a leg (well, around the realm of ~$35) You can always wait several months for the paperback release or hope that your local library will stock it, but reading books hot off the press can certainly be cost-prohibitive. This can be a lower-price alternative.


Selection. Each month you have a choice of 1+ books of a total of 5. These five are curated by guest panelists that rotate every month. The downside of course is that the choices are depended on their tastes which might not necessarily align with yours. The ability to opt out of a month and save your credit for another month buffers this downside.

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