Friday, July 1, 2016

How do you get your books?

There are so many ways to get your hands on books around the city! *Happy wiggle dance*  My book acquisition methods tend to be pretty varied, and have changed throughout my life. As a high school and college student, I could rarely afford books for leisure, let alone new shiny hard covers, so I took full advantage of my school and local libraries.

Once I started working part time in college, the local used bookstore and library sales were my go-to places. That didn’t stop me from wandering through the bookstore aisles and wistfully running my hands over all the shinny books I wanted to read, dreaming of the day I could drop $30 on a new release hardcover just because I wanted it.

While I’m still not not rolling in dough, I have a little more wiggle room to think about how and when I purchase books, and I can also afford to indulge myself once in awhile.

Nowadays, I try to be a conscientious book buyer and be more selective about the book I buy. I try to buy like I buy my produce; local and organic. I try to support my local independent stores when I can, both through book buying and through promotion events like #nycbookstores and buying from street book vendors.

I have to admit that I occasionally also purchase from larger chain stores like Barnes & Nobles (I like to browse their discount section & bae’s got a membership so…) and Amazon (for rarer non-fiction books that I either can’t find locally or would cost a fortune otherwise).

Occasionally I like to trade in some used books that I don’t feel like keeping to stores like the Strand where you can get store credit to buy other books or even peruse Etsy for vintage crime novels, and of course there’s the library. The library is bae. Where and how do you find your books?

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